Indian man finds baby cobra curled up inside his shoe

A resident of Bhubaneswar in eastern India got the shock of his life on Wednesday (August 14).

He was getting ready to go to his office at 9 am and went to put on his shoes but as picked them up, he heard a low hissing sound coming from one of them.

When he looked inside, a cobra raised its hood.

In a panic, Rakesh called the Snake Helpline.

Founder of Snake Helpline Subhendu Mallik rushed to the spot, caught the nearly two-month-old baby monocled cobra and later released it in its natural habitat later.

“The snake was a juvenile, but it had enough neurotoxic venom to kill an adult human,“ said Subhendu Mallik.

“People should look inside their shoes before putting them on as they are a favourite hideouts for snakes and scorpions,” he added.