Indian man finds cobra on top of ATM machine

A customer, who went to withdraw money from an ATM was shocked to find a cobra perched on top of the machine.

The incident occurred in Bargarh in eastern India on February 23.

The customer fled in panic after spotting the 2.5-foot long snake with its hood raised.

People soon gathered outside the ATM room to catch a glimpse of the snake.

Suresh Mohapatra who owns a shop adjacent to the ATM shot a short video of the cobra.

"I wish I could shoot a longer video. But I was so frightened I left the room in hurry," he said.

He called the Snake Helpline and volunteer Raman Bag arrived promptly and rescued the snake.

Subhendu Mallik, founder of Snake Helpline, said: "We have rescued snakes from ATM machines a few times in the past as well. But a cobra sitting on an ATM machine with hood raised was a treat to watch".