Indian man has been feeding monkeys at the same temple every day for the last 40 years

A video has emerged of a man being swarmed by monkeys as he comes to feed them every day in front of a Hindu temple in India's northeastern Rajasthan.

Vijay Babu, 65, has been feeding the monkeys at the Sun Temple in Jaipur for more than 40 years.

Even extreme weather conditions haven’t been able to discourage him from coming to feed the monkeys and he is present every day to feed them.

He arrives on his bicycle carrying cartons of packed fruits, ice-creams and milk in order to feed the apes.

As soon as he arrives, he has a unique style of calling the monkeys asking them to come and have their food.

He hands them the food patiently as some of the animals jump over his head. He even feeds them with his own hands.

In the clip, he is seen calling the monkeys and then handing them fruits and milk.

He brings oranges, grapes, strawberries, pineapples. He says the monkeys like them the most.

Vijay Babu has now earned the fame of being the Monkey Man and tourists from overseas come to see him feed the monkeys and pose for photographs.

Babu says: "My motive is to give to these mute creatures. God has given me enough and it is my time to pay back to his creatures. Monkeys are a form of Hindu God Hanuman and I am his devout believer.’

"These are mute and hungry, God has given me an opportunity to serve them and I am happy doing that."

The footage was captured earlier this month on February 12.