Indian man inflates 80cm balloon with his ear in bizarre feat

An Indian man displayed a bizarre talent where he blows up a balloon using his ear on August 20.

Chand Pasha, 32, a resident of Yellareddy in southern India shows that all he has to do is close his mouth and nose and let the air jet out of his ear.

Pasha discovered his uncanny talent when he was a kid, where he explains: “I used to go swimming and come back with ears clogged in water.

"I found that I could expel water out of my ears by blowing air through them.”

Pasha then practised his skill and can now blow an 80 cm balloon in three minutes flat.

He says he can set a Guinness World Record, but as a struggling electrician, he has no means to reach out to the concerned officials and do the formalities.

“If someone comes to support me, I can put my name on the world record,” he says.