Indian man rescues kitten trapped in washing machine pipe

This is the heartwarming moment a young Indian man rescues a kitten stuck inside a thermoplastic opaque pipe by cutting it open with a small saw blade.

The feline had run into the long plastic tube, which was an outlet pipe for a washing machine, at a residence in Kannur village, India.

When the owner of the house was about to load her clothes for washing, she heard a very faint sound of a purr. Without a second thought, the anxious woman called her son to get help.

He called one of his friend who rushed to the spot to rescue the cat. The boy started filming the rescue operation as the rescuer sat down and started sawing the pipe slowly.

The terrified kitten started purring louder with all the shakes and sounds it could hear. The man touched the pipe and sensed that the kitten was stuck in the curved portion of the pipe.

Finally, afraid that he might cut and hurt the cat, the brave young man, meticulously cut the pipe open as close as he could to the curved parts.

When they spotted the puss inside, the young man shook the pipe and the frantic kitten walked out. It took about half an hour to rescue it.