Indian man shows off his hair in enormous 15-metre long dreadlock

Savjibhai Rathwa is the proud owner of 15 meters long hair which he wears it proudly like a turban on his head.

The 65 years old sexagenarian hails from Gujarat in India.

Savjibhai aims to be a record holder for being a man with the longest hair.

He finishes off nearly 30 pouches of shampoo of 8 ml each every time he washes his hair.

For Savjibhai having and maintaining the long hair is more than a passion. When he was 12 years old he was directed by a deity in his dreams to never trim his hair, since then he grew his hair like a rope.

His friends often poked fun at him. ''A few used to mockingly call me effeminate, some thought I was planning to become a hermit and renounce the world,'' he said.

To have healthy long hair, Savjibhai takes a balanced diet rich in nutrients like juice, vegetables, pulses, and dairy products.

Considering his achievement, many in his village suggested him to enrol for the Guinness book of world record.

After a local newspaper spotted and featured him about his unique feature, he has grabbed a lot of media attention. People come from cities like Mumbai and Delhi to see it themselves.

Meanwhile, he feels the media attention has not changed his life much. Although he is not keen but wants to try to get his name enrolled in the Guinness book.