Indian man wins world record for wearing 60,000 bees on his face for four hours

A 22-year-old man from south India set a Guinness World Record after holding 60,000 bees on his face for 4 hours and 10 minutes.

Video of his record, set on October 18, shows off his incredible self-control as the stinging insects swarm him, until he clears the record and they are scraped away by his attendants.

The bee man known by his original name Nature (a mononym), from Thrissur in Kerala state, was introduced to a bee-farm at the age of 7 by his father Sajaya Kumar, who is an award-winning beekeeper. The bee-farm was a venture of his father which he had started in his teenage and wanted his son to continue the legacy.

Since then Nature has never stepped back as he has devoted his life to the welfare of these insects. Nature talks about his childhood and the days he started feeling a strong affection towards the bees. He also shares the journey of becoming the "Bee Man" and becoming a world recorder holder.

He says: “Since I was a child I used to visit the honeybee farm with my dad, and one day he asked me to hold bees in my hand, that is when I started showing an interest in these tiny insects. After a month, he asked me if I could put a bee on my face and that’s how the journey began.”

He said it was a strange feeling at first, but as he got used to it, he became slightly comfortable with them on his face. The initial practice began at 1 hour and then it kept increasing with time.

Nature says, “I used to do it initially for 1 hour then thought of trying for more, and could sit with bees on my face for more than 4 hours.”