Indian officials flood water tank to rescue stranded bison calf

An Indian bison herd entered a village in in south India looking for food and water, but lost a member when a calf fell into a water tank.

A calf strayed away from the herd passing through Koidakanal district in Tamil Nadu state, and fell into a water tank in the early hours of April 5, prompting a combined rescue effort.

Local villagers saw the animal standing in knee-deep water and called their forest and fire departments, who sent a joint team of officials to the spot to rescue the calf.

Though the water tank was just over eight feet deep, pulling out the heavy calf was not easy. Adult Indian bisons can weigh up to 1,500 kg and the healthy calf was too heavy to be pulled out by normal winches.

Therefore the officials tethered the terrified animal to a rope and flooded the tank with water. As the water level rose the animal started floating and the rescue team pulled it up.

Officials are now trying to reunite the calf with its herd in the forest.