Indian officials pull civet cat out of 35-foot well in marathon rescue operation

This is the moment rescue officials pull out a civet cat from an open well in western India.

The incident took place on July 2 at Nashik city in Maharashtra state.

Footage shows rescue officials of the Eco-Echo Rehabilitation Centre, a wildlife rescue service based in Nashik, lifting the civet cat from a 35-foot well.

The rescue officials tie a rectangular plastic tray with a rope and lower it down the well with the help of some locals.

Two of the officials climb down the well to anchor the civet into the tray.

Once inside the waters, the rescuers try hard to get the civet to jump inside the plastic tray using bamboo sticks.

Much to their dismay, the rope breaks and the civet jumps back into the water.

The rescue officials then hold the tray with the stick and successfully drag the civet into the tray.

The animal was later released into the wild.