Indian paratha cook casually tosses dough over his shoulder to other chef

This talented paratha baker from south India doesn’t even look at his partner as he tosses the dough over his shoulder towards him.

The ace baker was filmed on March 25 cooking at a roadside hotel in Velankanni, Tamil Nadu state by folding the dough, then tossing it to the second chef who catches and puts it into a hot frying pan to make parathas.

The roadside hotel's skilful cooks made it a must-visit destination where people come to see their food prepared in such a unique style.

The catching chef commented: "I was not good at cricket but I am good at catching the dough. I practised a lot and now it has become a habit."

The throwing chef also commented: "I am in a robotic mode, I don’t even look at my partner when I throw the dough towards him."