Indian resident shocked to find deadly cobra curled up inside fan in bedroom

Resident Gadadhar Mallik was shocked to find a deadly cobra curled up inside a fan at his house in eastern India.

Gadadhar Mallik retired to his room on June 26 to have a rest from the summer heat when he found the reptile when trying to switch on his fan.

Upon finding the cobra, Mallik called the Snake Helpline who sent a local volunteer, Susant Behera, to remove the cobra.

Susant carefully took the table fan out of the room and place it outside Malliks’ home as a large crowd gathered around.

Footage captured in Delanga town near Puri, shows the deadly cobra curled up inside the fan and later squeezing its body through the space between the spokes.

Then, Susant caught the cobra and released it in a forest far from the village.

Subhendu Mallik, the founder of Snake Helpline, said: "Snakes are curious by nature. The cobra would have come across the fan while moving around the room and put its head between the spokes of the fan grill. Finding it safe it would have slithered its entire body inside.”