Indian villagers hold massive cow dung battle for health and prosperity

A custom in a village in Kurnool, southern India, involves thousands of people throwing cow dung at each other for "good health" in an epic battle scene.

In the village of Kairuppala, thousands of participants from two groups fight each other by throwing cow dung cakes in the 'Pidakala War'. The custom takes place the day after the local spring festival Ugadi and is a symbolic war about a mythological marriage dispute.

There are two sides in the battle, with a group of fighters throwing manure in the name of the goddess Bhadrakali and the others doing so in the name of Lord Veerabhadraswamy.

According to legend, a long time ago, Lord Veerabhadraswamy wanted to marry the goddess Bhadrakali, but there was an opposition to the match that led to an argument. The use of cow dung was the weapon of choice for Bhadrakali's people.

However, there is a happy ending to this fight. Lord Veerabhadraswamy and the goddess Bhadrakali finally got married and nowadays, villagers are celebrating the union at the end of the battle. The faithful believe that this practice brings health prosperity and rainfall to the village.