Indian villagers jump on bouncy riverbank caused by weird seismic phenomenon

A riverbank in eastern India became strangely bouncy as a result of the geological phenomenon called 'liquefaction', and resulted in a strange.

On the bank of the Jajaljali river, near Shimla in Chhattisgarh state, eastern India, the soil became very saturated and springy, but not muddy.

Boatmen on the river were filmed on May 4, 2018 bouncing up and down but not sinking into the soil, which wobbles and shifts when pressed.

According to local people, there must have been a water source which dried up over time, and the ground was left swampy; however the solid retention of the surface suggests it may also be an example of 'liquefaction'.

This is caused by seismic activity shifting and increasing the internal pressure of the earth and the porous space is filled with water instead of solid, making it seem rather swampy and spongy.