Indian woman covers her face with hundreds of bees to raise conservation awareness

A real nature-lover in Kerala, southern India allowed hundreds of bees to cover her face to raise awareness about their preservation.

Footage captured on June 13 in Thiruvanathapuram, shows Jisha woman allowing honey bees to swarm around her face as she walks along with her two children seemingly fearless.

One may mistake her and the kids to be crazy, but Jisha who packs some solid logic behind her daredevil stunt. ''We consider honey as a preventive medicine which can be consumed by all. If we consume honey daily, our bones and teeth will become stronger. All should grow at least one honey bees yard in each house,'' she says in the video.

The mother-of-two says her family's main income is from honey and claims that having a single honey bees yard at home can provide a profitable yield for your farm.

When asked why she decided to advocate it, Jisha says honey bees are essential for the environment and that the extinction of bees can have an adverse effect on nature.

Jisha wishes to enter the Guinness Book of World Records one day. ''There is no need to fear the little insects. Honey bees don't attack,'' she adds.