Indian woman with facial tumour branded 'monkey girl' launches crowdfunding campaign for surgery

A 22-year-old woman in east India shares her experience of living with a massive facial tumour and her campaign to raise money for surgery.

Asha Kumari from Dhanbad in Jharkhand state was interviewed on March 6, showing her facial adamantinoma that has distorted the shape of her upper jaw and has led her to be cruelly branded by some as 'Monkey Girl'.

Recounting her experiences interacting with others, she says: ''People sneer, look at me with disgust, hence, I have never been able to make too many friends. I hang out with two of my neighbours. It hurts when people turn their back on you, laugh at you."

A crowdfunding campaign has been started on Ketto, India’s version of Gofundme, to help raise the USD $14,215.50 of funds for her treatment.