Indonesia blocks Facebook and WhatsApp after post-election riots

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp users in Indonesia have been blocked from using the sites by the government in the wake of post-election violence.

Social media users in western Indonesia have said they have been unable to access the popular sites on cellphones and computers since Wednesday afternoon (May 22).

A local citizen, Yudi Prama Agustino from Bukittinggi city, complained that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp were not accessible.

Some users have taken to installing VPN on their cellphones in an attempt to circumvent the curbs.

The block is a first for Indonesia, according to Newsflare's reporter.

“To avoid provocations, the spread of fake news through the community, we will limit access to certain features on social media,” Reuters news agency cited Indonesia's chief security minister as saying.

Six people were killed in unrest that hit Jakarta on Tuesday night after it was confirmed that President Joko Widodo won last month’s election.