Indonesian fishermen rescue and release whale shark that was entangled in their net

The crew of a fishing boat in Indonesia came to the rescue of a whale shark that managed to get itself entangled in a net.

Filmed on Thursday (June 6), the fishermen can be seen cutting the netting from around the shark's tail setting it free.

The fishing boat is based at the Tumumpa Beach Fisheries Port of Manado, Indonesia.

Lams Lahengkang, the captain of the fishing vessel, said: "When we released the net there was a crew member who was in the water shouting that there was a big fish."

Initially, did not know what kind of fish was entangled. They tried to pull it to the surface of the sea and it turned out to be a whale shark.

"I asked to be released immediately because I knew that the fish was protected," Lahengkang said.

The whale shark is one of the protected species of fish in Indonesia.