Ingenious girl builds electric boat out of discarded pedal raft

Young inventor Mikalah Stricking successfully transformed a discarded pedal raft into a motorised boat.

Footage shows the 12-year-old girl demonstrating all the steps to attach an electric motor to the worn out pedal boat.

She can be seen later testing the newly motorised watercraft with her little brother by going for a ride at Avoca Lake in New South Wales, Australia.

''The boat performed very well, travelling at about 6 knots and being easy to steer,'' the filter said.

''Mikalah exclaimed that this was her favourite build yet, probably because it didn’t sink when put into the water and actually moved forward and could be steered.''

Mikalah appeared as an inventor on Little Big Shots Australia in 2018 and has her own YouTube channel called ‘Invent With Mikky’.