Ingenious schoolboys use three wooden chairs to cross flooded road in Thailand

These clever schoolboys found an ingenious way to cross a flooded road - moving along wooden chairs.

The lads were stranded in the classroom after torrential downpours hit Bangkok, Thailand on June 7.

While their classmates were happy to wade through the 20cm deluge, the two boys in the video had other ideas.

They took three wooden school chairs and stood on them, each time picking up the chair form the back and moving it to the front.

Footage shows how they successfully inched their way across the flooded yard to make it to the safety of a road where it was not flooded.

Nong Supawit, 16, a fellow student at the school, said: ''I was impressed when I saw how my friends were crossing the water.The teachers at our school are doing very good jobs. Pupils are having many good ideas to solve problems.''

Parts of the Thai capital suffered flash floods on that afternoon after thunderstorms brought heavy rain.

Locals were in high spirits as it was the first severe downpour of this year's rainy season, which is expected to last until late September.