Injured baby elephant tracked by Thai wildlife officials after getting foot trapped in snare

Wildlife workers pursue an injured young elephant after its foot was caught in a hunter's trap.

The three-year-old was seen by the villagers limping through the forest in Rayong Thailand on Sunday (August 11).

Conservationists arrived and identified a serious injury to the bottom of tahe elephant's left foot.

They pursued the animal but then gave up in order to avoid scaring the rest of the herd of more than 20 elephants.

They are now camping out in the dense woodland to trace the elephant and anaesthetise it so it can be treated.

Thanachai Phangam from the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation said: "According to its size the young elephant might be aged around three-year-old.

''It looks like they have been harmed from a snare by a hunter. They could have been suffering for over a month.

"We will get everything ready as soon as possible to help the big one from further infection."