Insane Tooth Pulls

I have to say; these funny and strange teeth pulling videos in this compilation are savage but no worries... nobody was hurt. If you don't cringe AT SOME POINT while watching this video, are you really even human? You don't have to be, maybe you leave our videos playing for your cats, dogs or other pets while you're working. If that's the case, check your pet spy cam... because if they ARE actively watching... they will also (probably) cringe at some point. \n\nHere are some of the crazy and hilarious ways people in this comp pull teeth: having the pet bird peck and pull it out, attaching the tooth to a drone (via a string) and letting it fly, karate (seriously... KARATE!), attaching the tooth to an RC car and letting it drive away, golfing (yes, GOLFING!), attaching it to a nerf dart in a nerf gun and taking a shot, playset swing (for real... a SWING SET), and much more. Where in the video did I cringe? SEVERAL times... I cringed at all of the slow-motion videos. Did you? If so, let us know how many slo-mo videos are in this compilation. \n\nALSO! Have you pulled any of your teeth in a creative way? After watching this video: if you had a loose tooth, how would you pull it?