Inside the Lion Air plane that skidded off runway

Panicked passengers grab their belongings in an attempt to leave the darkened cabin of an Indonesia Lion Air flight that skidded off the runway last Saturday in recently emerged footage.

Flight attendants instruct passengers to remain seated while passengers on the plane are heard reminding each other to stay calm and waiting for pilot instructions. They were eventually evacuated through emergency exits over the wing.

The Lion Air flight was evacuated last Saturday (February 16) at an airport in Pontianak, Indonesia due to the plane skidding off the runway and crashing nose first into the grass, where the tires of the plane can be seen swallowed up by the surrounding mud.

Sengdia Sastra, the filmer, said: "We rushed out as the cabin was dark and smelled of smoke. At that time the plane had stopped after sliding off the runway."

Flights from the Supadio International Airport were canceled while workers battled to drag the Boeing away from the runway.