Inside the workshop where beautiful silk umbrellas are made by hand

Fascinating footage from a remote village in northern Thailand shows how locals produce beautiful handmade sun umbrellas.

Residents in Bo Sang, Chiang Mai, have been making the umbrellas for almost two centuries.

It's a tradition which began when a Buddhist monk from the village made a pilgrimage to neighbouring Burma, or Myanmar, where he discovered the art of making sun umbrellas.

He passed on the skill to his fellow locals, and an industry sprung up in the small village.

They became world-renowned for their intricate and beautiful umbrellas - shipping them across Thailand and the rest of the world.

Each one features a hand-painted design on the silk material.

Footage taken from one workshop in the village shows how the bamboo frame is produced by craftsmen and women.

The woven cotton and silk shade is then hand wound, before being stretched across the bamboo frame and left to dry in the sun.

They're then sprayed with a base colour before master painters put on the finishing touches with beautiful scenes from Thailand.