Instant regret! This was the moment a thief got caught by a dog in a US home

This was the hilarious moment a dog saved his family from having their car stolen by a thief who broke into their garage.

The clip filmed early morning on August 6, in Missouri, shows a man climbing into a carport and pulling the handle of a Honda that was parked there before Draco the dog comes chasing after him.

The filmer, Jessica Cooke, told Newsflare: “He checks the door handle of the Honda, but less than a minute later I let our dogs out to potty. Draco, our biggest and newest adoptee, sees the man and springs into action.

“He chases after him sending the wannabe thief scurrying back up the fence. If you zoom in on his face when he sees Draco you’ll find that his look of terror is priceless.”