Intelligent dog follows owner's bedtime routine demands

An intelligent dog in northern China manages to complete his bedtime routine all by himself.

The impressive video, shot in Jilin City in Jilin Province on June 3, shows a one-year-old dog named Long Rou Qiu closing the door, opening a bamboo mat on the bed and turning off the light by himself before getting into bed.

In the clip, the owner can be heard saying: "You come to sleep? Go to close the door."

"Come to put the bamboo mat on the bed."

"You will sleep alone in the room ok?"

"You sleep here on your own, so you do not need to open the whole mat, you can just open it big enough for yourself."

"Don’t open the electric fan, I already turned the air-conditioner on for you, or you will get sick. Go to turn off the light and sleep. Go!"

"You can sleep now, I will just stay here for a while to check my phone, then I will leave."

The dog seemed to understand everything his owner was saying and carried out the tasks.