Is it Snack Time or Nap Time?

This video is just too cute for words. We can all agree that not many things are as adorable as a sleepy baby. What about a sleepy toddler who won’t let himself fall asleep because he wants to finish his meal first? That’s just next level adorable! This video will melt your heart! At the beginning of the clip, you can see the cutest boy ever as he falls asleep in his high chair. But he doesn’t want to go to bed just yet! He’s determined to eat all of his food first! This toddler boy is fighting the cutest inner battle that you have ever encountered! Oh, how precious is he? The struggle is real! He can’t just leave those delicious crackers! He has to eat them all one by one before he can let himself sail off to the land of dreams. Oh, how adorable is this little sleepy little boy? Too precious to handle!