Is this Banksy filming his own Sotheby's shredding stunt?

Is this Banksy himself filming the moment his artwork self-destructed at Sotheby's in London on Friday night?

A man in a suit and thick glasses is seen holding his camera perfectly steady and then zooming in to better frame the moment Girl With Balloon was shredded, seconds after it sold for more than 1 million pounds.

Some have suggested that Banksy or one of his associates must have been at the auction house to push the self-destruct button, but could this be him?

The filming angle of this man certainly matches the angle of a video of the same moment which was posted to Banksy's own Instagram account.

His mop of wavy hair is very similar to that of a man called Robin Gunningham who was claimed by a newspaper investigation in 2008 to be Banksy.

Finally, the man in this clip has rather dainty, pale hands which bear a striking resemblance to the hands in the most recent video posted to Banksy's Instagram account in which he shows himself installing the shredder inside Girl With Balloon.

Speculation about Banksy's identity has been rife for years.

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have used 'geographic profiling' to tie Robert Gunningham to Banksy's work on a pub, playing fields and a house.

Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack has also been repeatedly touted as the true identity of Banksy.