It’s not uncommon for these deputies to encounter turkeys during a traffic stop!

It’s not uncommon for our deputies to encounter folks during a traffic stop who might not be thrilled to see them.

That’s just a reality of law enforcement – and totally understandable. By the end, these things usually work themselves out.

Sometimes, however, they run up against hard-cases who just aren’t interested in listening, or talking, or anything, really.

Last Sunday was one of those days for Dep. Bryce Bienz.

Bienz had just finished up giving a driver a warning on Eagle Road in Kuna Feb. 16 and was back in his patrol Tahoe when the turkeys decided they didn’t like what was going on – and were going to let Bienz know about it.

First they went to the car Bienz had pulled over. That person carefully pulled out but the turkeys remained on the road. Bienz decided to shoo them away so they didn’t cause a crash – and they really didn’t like that.

(P.S. - Be sure to turn the sound on!)

Credit: Ada County Sheriff's Office from Facebook