Juvenile brown bear gets way too close for comfort

A remarkable video has emerged from Alaska in the USA of a wild brown bear getting much too close for comfort to a pair of tourists.

The clip, which was filmed at the Katmai Lodge on the Alagnak River, shows the juvenile male bear catch sight of the filmer and begin to approach.

The filmer begins to back away, all the while saying "Hey, bear" but the animal continues to walk towards him.

The filmer and his partner duck behind the visitors' centre to try to get away from the animal but it keeps coming.

The pair stop anxiously by the side of a path and the bear walks right past them, just a foot or so away from the filmer.

"A little too close for comfort," said the filmer.

Although the video was filmed back in 2017, it has only recently come to light.

Brown bears seldom attack humans on sight and usually avoid people.

However, they are unpredictable and may attack if they are surprised or feel threatened.