Keeper uses apples to stop intense fight between pandas

Two pandas had an intense fight at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and were only stopped when a keeper stepped in and separated them.

The video shows a panda named Qi Guo biting another panda named Xing Guang and refusing to let it go in their enclosure.

A tourist can be heard saying “ Qi Guo! Stop fighting! Xing Guang! Run away quick!”

Finally, the keeper uses apples to attract the pandas' attention and stops the fight successfully.

According to the filmer, Qi Guo and another panda Yuan Man used to live in the enclosure. However, three more pandas moved in one month ago.

Since Qi Guo thought his territory was invaded, he started a fight with Xing Guang.

The base confirmed that neither panda was injured and will separate them in the future, reports said.