Kind-hearted man stops truck from crushing endangered king cobra on highway

A good samaritan helped a young king cobra get a new lease of life.

A resident of Odisha, Subhakant Pattnaik, was driving along a highway in Bauda district in eastern India when he spotted a snake crossing the road.

He drove ahead and asked a heavy truck to stop and let the king cobra pass safely.

However, instead of going about its way, the snake decided to take refuge under the heavy vehicle.

Subhakanta persuaded the terrified truck driver to stay put and tried to drive the snake out by sprinkling water.

While the water made the snake to come out from its hiding place under the truck, it then lay limply between the tires.

To make the snake go away, Subhakant took a branch and prodded the snake, which finally moved into an adjoining field and disappeared.

Subhendu Mallik, founder of Snake Helpline said: "It was a juvenile snake of about 6 feet length, which can grow up to 6 metres.''

''If Subhakanta did not stop the heavy vehicle on time, the snake would have been dead now.''