Kind-hearted man visits hospitals to cheer up patients with his bizarre collection of pets

This animal-loving Good Samaritan has an unusual hobby - he takes his pets out every night to cheer up patients.

Bunma Puntrakut, 60, started visiting hospitals 23 years ago with his dog where he would comfort lonely patients.

The market trader said he was overwhelmed by the joy that patients received when he turned up to pay them a visit.

So he has been performing the same routine for almost two decades - taking his unusual menagerie of pets to temples, funerals, hospital and police stations.

Bunma currently has a dog, a duck, a budgie and a toad which he dresses up in bright costumes and flashing lights to ''make people who are feeling sad, smile''.

He said: ''I take my pets outside to see people and cheer them up. I do it for hospital patients or for people who are victims of crime.

''I started doing this 23 years ago because I saw some patients nobody cared about, so I went with my pets to make them happy.''

Bunma currently has a 10-year-old pet Aspin dog named Yim, a white duck named Mesuk, a blue budgie named Kalaket and a toad named Napal.

He added: ''When people see my animals it makes them relaxed. If they are stressed, they forget their problems and they're happy for a moment.

''I have this remote control which I use as a joke. It looks like I am using it to control the animals like they are a toy. People find it funny and I let them try.

''I will keep doing this for the rest of my life. It's important that everybody helps to make each other happy and cheer up other people in the world.''