Kind-hearted neighbours save toddler hanging from second-floor window

Kind-hearted neighbours and passersby teamed up and saved a three-year-old boy hanging from the second-floor window in eastern China.

The video, filmed in Rizhao City in Shandong Province on December 14, shows a man standing on the pipeline outside the first-floor window and using his one hand to support the boy’s legs. A group of people below held a duvet beneath the boy to catch him in case he fell.

In another clip, four men in two groups to form the human ladders and try to push the boy back into the room.

A lorry driving past stopped bedside the building to let more people climb onto the top of it to rescue the boy.

According to reports, the boy fell from the window when his mum went out shopping.

After 20 minutes, the boy was rescued successfully.