King of the road! Lion snarls menacingly at car that gets too close for comfort

A male lion gave tourists a fright when they drove their vehicle close to the feline.

Footage shows a male lion and a lioness resting on the right side of a road when a vehicle of safari goers approaches.

As the vehicle gets closer to the felines, the male lion suddenly gets up and growls as if it was about to attack the vehicle.

The filmer commented: ''As the vehicle got closer and closer to the lions, we could see the immediate change in the male’s behaviour,

''The male lion started voicing a deep threatening growl after which he suddenly jumped up and snarled at the vehicle.

''Looking at the passenger’s reaction at that moment it was clear that the lady got a huge fright.

''In the end, the tourists managed to get past the lions, leaving the scene with a nervous smile and a memory of a lifetime. The male lion calmed down quickly and went back to relaxing next to his female,'' he continued.

The clip was captured on February 28.