Kingston University campus evacuated over World War II bomb

Students at London’s Kingston University have been evacuated from the Penryhn Road campus due after an unexploded World War II bomb was found during building works.

The Metropolitan Police were called to the campus at 9.15am today (May 23) after an explosive device was found.

The police have since closed off Fassett Road behind the campus and eyewitnesses saw the army on the scene.

Filmer and Kingston University student Ana de Liz told Newsflare: "This was taken two hours after the University campus was evacuated. At this point, people were told to leave University premises and walk down the road outside of the cordoned area."

Kingston University said: “The Metropolitan Police is evacuating an area of Kingston which includes the whole of Penrhyn Road campus.

“The Penrhyn Road campus will be closed for the rest of the day. All staff and students based at Penrhyn Road may go home.”