Kitchen nightmare! Rescuers battle with 17ft long king cobra caught under sink

This is the terrifying moment rescue workers grappled with a giant king cobra that was caught hiding under a kitchen sink.

The 17ft long snake had slithered inside a washing machine then darted out under the sink when it was disturbed in Krabi, southern Thailand yesterday (February 6).

The house owner, Khun Gommaton, heard the reptile clattering around knocking over empty bottles of washing powder.

He initially thought it was a mouse and followed the sound - shrieking when he noticed the cobra's head.

Gommaton said: ''The clattering was getting louder and louder. I really thought it was a mouse, so I intended to take it out myself. But I was totally wrong.''

Krabi rescue officers responded to the house owner’s call and took more than 15 minutes trying to capture the hiding serpent.

They are seen in the footage visibly struggling and shaking as they grapple with the powerful snake.

The officer said that it is one of the biggest venomous snakes he had ever caught. He added, ''It's very huge and heavy. I think it weighs about 20 kilograms (45 pounds).

''It might have been looking for food around here. We are going to take him back to the natural habitat, where there are no houses and people around.''