Kitten Insists on Sharing Dog's Dinner, LOL!

We all know that cats and dogs are very well known for not getting along very well. The antipathy between our canine and feline companions more often than not leads to fights for all the different hilarious reasons. And this funny video is such a perfect example of that! It’s meal time, the most exciting time of the day! A kitty and a pooch have just gathered around their owner impatiently waiting for their food. Apparently, the kitten has just had hers, but it was nowhere near enough judging by the way she goes for the doggy’s portion! The poor doggy is so scared of this little feline stealing his food! He’s so afraid of her that he would much rather let her have his dinner than fight for it! LOL! Luckily, the owner comes to intervene. He pulls the kitty away from the dog’s dinner, but it’s no use! She keeps coming back. The man eventually gives up and lets them share. Too funny for words!