Kitten rescued after surviving being stuck in the engine of a moving car in Thailand

This is the heartwarming moment neighbours worked together to rescue a kitten that had survived after being stuck inside the engine of a moving car.

Supavadee Padungchob, 33, was driving home from work when she heard the cat crying from the inside of her car in Ang Thong, central Thailand.

The driver stopped at a grocery store and asked for help to look under the bonnet, where the frightened kitten was curled up inside the engine and moaning in pain.

Helpful bystander Somchai Iamsamorn, who is also a mechanic, offered help to help while the car owner was waiting for the rescuers.

Supavadee said that she had never seen the cat before and did not hear it from inside the engine while she was driving from her workplace to the shop.

The office worker believes it had climbed inside the car while it was parked up during the day time.

She said: “My colleague who was in the passenger seat said that she heard a cat crying when we parked the car but I didn’t believe her.

"I thought that the sound might have been coming from somewhere else.’’

Volunteers from the Poh Teck Tung Foundation and locals spent about 30 minutes carefully freeing the tiny cat from the right wheel arch.

The female kitten, estimated to be two or three months old, was found to be physically healthy. The driver decided to adopt her as she found her so adorable.

The woman said: “I felt very sorry for the cat. I should’ve known sooner otherwise she wouldn’t have to trap in a little space and torture with the engine heat. I believe that she was in my car for a reason, so it is best to keep her.''

The footage was captured on Apil 3.