Kitty has Fancy Footwork Around Drinking Glass

Every cat owner knows how curious cats can be, and how persistent they get when they want something! There is nothing that will stop them, not even their owners! Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see what I mean. It shows an adorable gray cat who is fascinated by ices cubed in a glass. This beautiful feline is standing on a living room table with a glass of a cold beverage in front of her. There are a couple of ice cubes in it too, and this sweet kitty cat tries to figure out how to get them. She first tries to reach them with her paws through the glass, but when she realizes it’s impossible to do it that way, she tries the glass top, but gets caught by her lady owner! LOL! She stops for a second, pretending that she’s all behaving well. But I bet it didn’t last for long! LOL!