Kitty Likes Being Used as a Mop

Occurred on March 20, 2020 / Enschede, Netherlands

Info from Licensor: "Lenny is 1,5y/o, 16 lbs male ragdoll cat. He lives with his cat parents and his ragdoll brother. His favorite hobby is to pretend he's a mop. If it was up to him he wants his cat-dad to push him around all day. The ragdoll is a very placid, lazy and docile breed. He lives up to these characteristics; he is very lazy and derpy. We found this is something he loves by coincidence. He’s not allowed in our kitchen and drops to the floor when we tell him to get out. I was done with picking him up all the time, so I started pushing him out. He started to purr like crazy. Now he just drops to the floor in front of us to let us know he wants to be pushed around the house."