Kitty Pulls Stroller Along With Ease

Occurred on August 9, 2020 / Hollywood, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "After work my son Remi and I will go for a walk around the complex where we live to get some fresh air. My cat Zeus likes to do the same thing but it’s hard to walk both so I had an idea. What if I tied Zeus to the front of the stroller like a sled dog and had him pull Remi along. Thinking this couldn’t possibly work, I tried it anyway and the result was way funnier than I'd expected and he actually pulled Remi. Zeus actually walked and pulled Remi down the hallway of my apartment complex by himself without knowing I’d completely let go of the stroller. We walked for about a good 25/30 feet but it didn’t dawn on me to start filming towards the end of the trip. Zeus pulled his brother with ease down the hall all the way to our front door and stopped so I could let them in. I’ve not tried this since but would like to put him to the test again, the stroller was within my reach so Remi was 100% safe and Zeus wasn’t harmed either. He’s a Savannah cat, very strong and lean. For him to pull the stroller was nothing as he never stopped, just kept walking on his path back to our home."