Leopard rescued from steel-jaw trap set up by poachers

A leopard was rescued after getting trapped in a steel-jaw trap set up by poachers in an Indian village.

Locals in Jeur Haibati village found the feline with its left forelimb caught in the lethal hunting device and alerted forest officials on March 7.

Wildlife SOS rescue team rushed to the location with safety nets, restraining equipment and a trap cage in hand.

Senior veterinarian Dr. Ajay Deshmukh carefully immobilized the big cat, using a sedative injection from a safe distance.

Once the team had administered the drug, they carefully removed the steel-jaw trap from the entrapped forelimb.

The rescue mission lasted several hours after which the leopard was carefully transported to a Forest Department base for observation prior to release.

Dr. Ajay Deshmukh said: ''Any further delay would have caused severe damage to the forelimb. We disinfected the wound and have administered topical treatment along with analgesics and anti-inflammatory medication. Fortunately, the injury is superficial, and no internal injuries have been detected.''.