Lifter Stands Up for Herself

Occurred on January 29, 2021 / El Paso

Info from Licensor: I had been stretching and doing some warm-up movements and this man kept coming up to me and trying to help me put anything I used back. I ignored him and pretended I could not hear him whenever he spoke to me, as I had headphones in. on my very first warm-up set this man came in the middle of my rep and tried to help me rerack the bar from the side. When he grabbed the bar I wasn't expecting the movement so he jerked my shoulder a bit. All the tension he previously created on top of hurting my shoulder caused me to stand up and confront him. It was just him and I alone in this gym and at this point, and I was concerned for my safety. Because of his actions (with other females as well), his membership was revoked.