Little Bear Cub Fighting Sleep

Occurred on July 4, 2021 / USA

Info from Licensor: A precious little bear cub fighting going to sleep. My mama told me to get up in this safety tree with my siblings and take a much-needed nap, I hurriedly climbed up to one of my favorite spots and branches that had a supporting limb on the backside. I had other plans though because I wasn't tired so I licked and chewed on my paw for a bit, I wiggled and squirmed for a bit, I even waved and pondered for a bit and almost fell asleep. Nope still awake so I'll chew on my paw some more, wiggle and squirm some more, try and use my paw for a pillow. Man all this is making me tired and sleepy so I think I will take that nap now like mom told me to. I was so blessed to see and capture this precious video of this cubby. I hope that Y'all enjoy it and will share it with others so that it may bring a smile to their face too.