Little Boy Blames Mom for His Horse Losing

Horse racing is so much fun to watch! And it’s even more exciting when you want a certain horse to win! However, we all know that horse racing is very unpredictable and the things can always go either way. This funny video shows a little boy who just didn’t know how to cope with the fact that none of his horses came first. In the beginning, you can see this little boy carefully observing the race. The suspense is real! As the horses cross the finish line, he turns to his parents to ask them who won. When he finds out that all of his horses lost, he gets really sad about it! He just can’t believe it! Who’s to blame for his defeat? His mom, of course! He turns to his mom and says that his horses lost because she laughed at him! LOL! He even makes a statement about being very angry! Dealing with a defeat is not easy, we can all agree on that! Absolutely hilarious!