Little Boy can't Stop Giggling at Dog!

Is there anything cuter than this? Having an adorable baby and a wonderful dog who are best friends? We think not.\n\nWe love the way they get along. It is such an honest relationship and we love watching these videos. And apparently, his mom is a fan too! She is holding her little baby so he could reach his best friend while he is patiently waiting for him at the top of the stairs. As the baby climbs up, he can't stop laughing! He must be over the moon because he is about to reach his best friend. \n\nDogs and babies are the perfect combination and probably our favorite kind of friendship! As they grow up together, they develop a special and unbreakable bond through constant play. They spend a lot of time together, they run around and play and without even noticing, they become the best of friends! Such honest relationships are hard to find, but for them, it is no problem.