Little Girl has Surprising Reaction to Cotton Candy

Do you like cotton candy? If you are a fan, you have to check out this hilarious video! It tells the story about a little girl’s disappointment in cotton candy and it’ll make you laugh out loud for sure! As the clip begins, you can see a little girl in pink holding a piece of cotton candy in her hand. She’s about to put that cotton candy to a taste test and you can tell that she couldn’t be more excited about it! As her mom says, she’s been waiting for this moment for a long time! She tastes the cotton candy but her reaction is totally unexpected! What is the verdict of the taste test, you may wonder? Well, she absolutely hates it! This funny little girl is totally disappointed in the cotton candy and she thinks it tastes disgusting! LOL! She even throws the box full of cotton candy on the floor to express her disgust. LOL! So hilarious!