Little girl with special needs tells cashier 'I love you' after he lets her bag groceries

The importance of training independence for babies: Perhaps many parents think that helping them is to show their love to their children, because they want them to focus on eating, learning and playing, thinking that they do not know what to do, and because the house has a maid. then, and because my grandparents did not let me do .... There are so many reasons that parents have accidentally robbed children of many things that should have been the work and responsibilities of the individual children.

Perhaps at the time of teaching children to be independent to be a solid foundation for the teen and youth stage, parents do not allow children to do, then suddenly when children grow up they are still familiar with the habit of being served. like that, parents started to complain and yell at their children again, why are they so depressed, so dependent. How to form a habit of self-reliance from an early age to be a solid stepping stone for children in adulthood, I will write a series of small lessons about teaching children self-reliance and life skills.

Why should children be independent from an early age: When a child signals that he wants to do it himself, he is trying to tell his parents that "parents help me so that I can do it myself" and that is the first basic step that a child people who go to independence. If parents ignore this premise, they do not allow them to practice, then when they are a few years older, they will yell at them as "big but these small things cannot be done" or "do it yourself" ", It's just like building a house without a foundation. At the same time the sense of wanting to do it by itself also shows the affirmation of one's self and will, so if it receives respect from its parents, that ego will continue to bear fruit.

If any parent who sees a fidget holding a spoon and splatters, clumsily installs a button, he keeps sliding, tying the shoelaces that he has not finished, then impatiently tells him. However, if I can do it, but I will ask for it ”, then“ I'm busy, I don't have the time ”, or seduce“ when I can do it, I will let my child do it ”, then I suddenly cut off my preschool Just recently, the young man has gone.
Parents do not know that children will gain experience to become more proficient from those awkward and failed experiences. Moreover, the act of restraining also implies a denial of the younger self, which will cause children to lose confidence and motivation to act.

Full credit to: Lisa Teach on Facebook