Lizard Gets Stuck in a Sink

Occurred on March 17, 2020 / The Woodlands, Texas, USA

Info from Licensor: "I was changing my dogs’ outdoor water, when I discovered a lizard stuck in the sink. I knew I had to save him, but wasn’t sure how I would do it. I know that if you find a snake stuck on a sticky trap, you are to use vegetable oil to slowly release the skin from the trap. That’s where I got the idea to use oil. I didn’t want to just pour it on him because of the risk of accidentally drowning him. So, I got a dropper and placed the oil around his waist. After slowly moving him around and more oil, I got him out (with his help!) I was determined to do whatever it was going to take, but I’m glad I didn’t have to rip up the sink to do it!"