Local Malibu boys battling fires receive $10k donation from Bella Hadid

Local Malibu group the Point Dume Bomberos, pool their efforts to fight blazes, feed and water animals, and try and cool the earth
during cleanup efforts after the Woolsey Fire devastated parts of southern California.

The men were determined to help save their community, with most of them having grown up in the area. In the footage, the men can be seen raking through smoking earth, with one shouting, "you've got to be careful, my boots are, like, melting here."

"We fought fires, battled hot spots, coordinated boat shipments with supplies, fed and watered animals, protected the dark streets and brought our community together during this difficult time," said the filmer.

The group has received donations to help with efforts such as safety equipment, shovels and headlights.

On Thursday supermodel Bella Hadid donated $10,000 to the group's Malibu Disaster Prevention & Relief Fund. Their gofundme page is at https://www.gofundme.com/fundraiser-for-point-dume-bomberos.